Back in the days

Andrew Chemister at the studio

Hi, my name is Andrew Chemister, founder of Born and raised in the Netherlands. In a small town called Leusden to be precise. It was actually there, in that small town where I developed a passion for music. Yes, I know, like almost everybody in the world has a passion for music. So what’s so special about that? Well, nothing. However, it was back then, and still is up to this day a great influence on the choices that I made in life. The heavy, raw and pure music styles, that’s the thing I was going for.

First I started to work as a DJ, spinning the records I love at the local bar one night a week. That extended to three nights a week in just about every city around my hometown. And now, about 100 years later, I still producing music. Real heavy music.

After finishing high school, I started at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, the Dutch creative college for media, design & technology. Very soon after my graduation, I found that I wanted “something“ more. I wanted the graphics to be more “alive“, more interactive. That’s the time when I started to focus on technology more. And yes, that’s the time when I discovered the internet. It was the summer of '97 I believe. The internet, it was mind-blowing. You had the option to create a great graphic where you could click on, and then another graphic appears… That was new, and I loved it.

25 Years later

And now, almost 25 years later, that passion for music, the love for graphics and my interest in technology comes together in the clothing brand “Chemister“. Chemister is a way to express the music passion and lifestyle of the people that have a greater love for the heavy and raw music styles. It expresses the persistent, the tough, the bold and daring and most of all the once that stay true. “Be true, Stay true“, one of the best quotes I ever heard. A slogan used by straight edge kids. You have to stay true to what you believe in no matter what. Also, it is used by many other people just to express what you believe in. No matter what it is or who it is.