Established in 2017, Bad Monday began as a self-funded project out of Mark’s Garage. His Wife (Alice) was starting maternity leave with their second child and they needed a little cash injection to survive the coming months.

The idea of Bad Monday was born and within a week Mark was printing t-shirts whilst Alice packed them in the kitchen. 3 Months later Mark leaves his full-time job and is working 16-hour days in the garage, trying to keep up with orders. In the mean time the house is full of orders that are either waiting to be picked up by courier or waiting to be packed.

Bad Monday turned over £100k+ in that garage in the space of 5 months, all with only the two of them working whilst raising two children under 2. Bad Monday was only born in October of 2017, but to this date (July 2018) has generated over 11 Thousand orders. From the beginning of June, we started outsourcing our print and production and have seen a turnover increase of over 300%, finally being able to meet the demand the brand brings. We now enter a new stage in our brands very short life, we want to expand even further and really cement our place in the industry.

We are only just getting started and can’t wait to see where we can be in the next 5 years. I wanted to create a brand that was not only inspired by the tattoo culture, but also merged other art influences whilst still respecting more traditional styles. A brand that cared about their quality and also offered great premium designs but without the premium price. I was frustrated with the lack of quality designed tee's that were affordable to the average person.

Most affordable tee's in my opinion are far more then less creative in their designs.So I started by contacting suppliers and designers, trying to figure out if i can offer a premium product at an affordable price. After a lot of hard work and researching, i put together a plan and a brand which achieves all of the above. We are a small Independent brand, we are growing and growing all thanks to your support. We appreciate all feedback good and bad so feel free to give us a shout!