5 Hardcore Bands to Keep an Eye on

Hey there! Are you ready to take your music experience to the next level? If you are an avid fan of metal, especially the alternative varieties like metalcore and post-hardcore, then I have something great for you. I present to you five hardcore bands that you absolutely should not miss. These bands know how to create an intense atmosphere and have a raw energy that hits you directly in the heart.

1. Restraining Order

Spotify link: [Restraining Order on Spotify]

This American hardcore punk band will blow you away with their explosive sound and uncompromising attitude. Restraining Order is not a band you can sit still with. Their songs are a perfect blend of fast drums, ripping guitars and aggressive vocals that seem to come straight from the depths of their souls. Listen to songs like "This World Is Too Much" and "Something For The Youth" to understand why this band is so special.

2. Speed

Spotify link: [Speed on Spotify]

If you like old-school hardcore with a modern twist, Speed is the band for you. They bring back the raw energy of bands from the 80s, but with a contemporary sound that will blow you away. Their songs are fast, aggressive and full of anger and rebellion. Tracks like "We See U" and "Not That Nice" will have you headbanging like never before.

3. Counterparts

Spotify link: [Counterparts on Spotify]

Counterparts is a band known for their emotional lyrics and compelling melodies. They manage to combine hardcore with post-hardcore elements, creating a unique sound that is both intense and melodic. Frontman Brendan Murphy's powerful vocals bring the emotions to life in songs like "Burn" and "No Servant of Mine." Prepare for an intense listening experience you won't soon forget.

4. Defeater

Spotify link: [Defeater on Spotify]

If you love concept albums and narrative lyrics, Defeater is the band you've been looking for. Their music takes you on a journey through the lives of fictional characters in turbulent times. With their mix of hardcore punk and post-hardcore, they create an atmosphere that is dark, compelling and epic. Listen to albums such as "Travels" and "Empty Days & Sleepless Nights" to immerse yourself in their compelling stories.

5. End It

Spotify link: [End It on Spotify]

This band from Baltimore is an absolute must for fans of old-school hardcore with a modern twist. End It brings an energetic sound reminiscent of the golden years of the hardcore scene, but with a fresh and contemporary approach. Their songs are fast, hard and full of aggression. Tracks like "Hardhead" and "New Wage Slavery" will have you moshing like it's 1985.

So there you have it! Five hardcore bands you absolutely cannot miss. Each of these bands has a unique sound that pushes the boundaries of the genre and will take you to new musical heights. So throw on those black clothes, pull out your best band shirt and let these bands blast through your speakers.

Remember, metal is more than just sound; it's a lifestyle, a way to express yourself and feel connected to like-minded souls around the world. So dive into these bands, discover new favorites and let the sound of hardcore enrich your life.

Rock on!

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