5 Things you need to know about how we print our shirts and hoodies

It seems pretty easy, just do a couple of clicks and you bought yourself a great shirt or hoodie. Well, that’s true. But, there some things that are good to know before you buy a shirt or hoodie online.

1 We print-on-demand

We print our T-Shirts and Hoodies for you on-demand. That means, as soon as your order comes in, we run over to the print provider and go to work for you. Print-on-demand allows printing in small quantities. Therefore, we don’t have an inventory and don’t need a big warehouse to store all our shirts.

2 We don’t ship your shirt on the day you order.

What, why not? Like mentioned before, we print-on-demand. Printing on demand has a lot of advantages compared to other forms of printing. However, because we don’t have a warehouse where the shirts are laying around waiting to be ordered. We can't just take it off the shelf and ship your shirt on the day of the order. We need to print it first.

3 We print your shirt in Germany

The printing of the shirts is done in Germany. We have chosen for this print provider in Germany because it’s well known for its high-quality printing and fast delivery. Although we can’t ship the shirts on the day of the order, we doing our best to deliver you a high-quality product as fast as possible.

4 Wash before wearing it

When unpacking your new shirt or hoodie, you might notice a strange smell. Don’t worry that’s not unusual and will disappear after the first wash. It’s from a fixation agent applied during the printing process. It helps the ink bond with the fabric, and without it, the ink wouldn’t hold and the colour would fade away. This fixation agent is used all across the industry. So, don’t worry, wash before wearing it.

5 Working towards a sustainable brand

Is Chemister clothing printing eco-friendly? The way we print our shirts is a more sustainable fashion business model than screen printing (classic t-shirt printing). Mainly because printing one-offs allows businesses to avoid overproduction and textile waste. With 92 million tons of textile going to waste in the fashion industry each year, a business model like this is a game-changer.

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